How does a virtual classroom work?

In the case of a company course we coordinate the courses with the company. Based on the placement test results the graded group will participate in a lesson in the virtual classroom. The lesson will use the same content and the same material as an in-school lesson and will be taught by an experienced teacher.

How do I log into the learning platform which is at my disposal (virtual classroom)?

In good time before the course begins, you will receive all relevant access codes by e-mail.

What do I need for a virtual classroom?

Stable internet connection
Smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer
Headset (recommended)

How long does a course last?

Number of hours are flexibly arranged
Individual arrangement based on the number of participants in a group
For companies a monthly invoice will be issued based on what is individually arranged.

Which langauges are available?

At the moment we offer German and English and hope to extend this range depending on demand.

Do I always have the same teacher?

The same rules apply as for in-school teaching. In a normal case (with the exception of sickness and holiday ) the class will always be taught by the same teacher.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Here virtual learning has an advantage because the missed lesson in our virtual classroom can be watched at a later time.

Do I need extra material?

No. All necessary material is available on our learning platform.

Is a state recognized exam included in the course?

No. Our courses prepare for an officially recognized exam (e.g. Goethe Certificate). The exam can be organized by us but will be carried out by an officially recognized examination centre.

Are these exams recognized for official purposes e.g. naturalization, visa for the Skilled Personnel Immigration Act?

Due to the fact that the exams are carried out by officially recognized examination institutions, the results are recognized for official affairs e.g. naturalization or a visa.

Online Language Institute

Vertraue den Spezialisten.

Das "Online Language Institute" ist die Online-Marke der renommierten Nürnberger Sprachschule. Wir führen schon viele Jahre erfolgreich Integrationskurse und berufsbezogene Deutschkurse durch. Unsere Qualität ist zertifiziert und wird vom Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) anerkannt und gefördert. Seit Beginn der Corona-Pandemie bieten wir mit dem "Online Language Institute" unsere beliebten Sprachkurse auch online im virtuellen Klassenzimmer an.

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